Youth Coaching

We all had to do it, and every parent can testify that growing up isn’t easy

The pre-teen and teen years can present many challenges that some young people do not yet feel equipped to deal with. Even children who are surrounded by loving, caring adults can find it difficult to get the support they need, as they are growing up in a time and culture that radically differs from the experience of the previous generation.

Some of the areas that I cover in my coaching include:

  • Handling academic pressure in a positive way;
  • Managing emotions and recognising how they influence behaviour;
  • Tackling self-destructive behaviour and negative beliefs;
  • Dealing with peer pressure;
  • Enjoying improved relationships with family and friends;
  • Developing a positive body image and self-acceptance;
  • Nurturing good mental health and well-being;
  • Learning organisational and revision techniques;
  • Building self-esteem and confidence.

Through a series of coaching sessions with me, a child can:

  • Access a safe place to explore current struggles and difficulties;
  • Develop a self awareness that will serve them throughout adolescence and beyond;
  • Create practical ways to deal with pressures and challenges.

I work with children on their level 

I personalise each session to their needs and personality. I love watching them grow and gain confidence during our time together.

It is very rewarding to watch them try out new strategies to help solve their problems and see the joy in their faces when they have achieved something that they thought was impossible a few weeks ago.

They learn about emotional awareness and are introduced to new tools and ways of thinking to help them cope better in challenging situations.

In my experience, it isn’t only just the child receiving coaching that experiences benefits. Their greater self-confidence, emotional regulation and behaviour can improve relationships throughout the family.

Also parents experience peace of mind, knowing they have put in place the support system their child needs.

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Coaching Confidentiality (information for parents/carers)

At Anita Sharma Coaching, I respect and uphold confidentiality values and my legal obligations.

For coaching to be effective, your child must develop trust in me. They need to know that what they discuss will be kept confidential and will not be discussed with parents without their prior consent.

I understand that you are concerned about your child, but if they feel pressured into having to discuss everything with you the coaching will lose its effectiveness.

There are some situations in which I am legally obligated to breach confidentiality and contact relevant authorities in order to protect your child or others from harm. These situations rarely occur, and I would make every effort to discuss the breach of confidentiality with you before taking action.

Anita Sharma Coaching follows the professional code of conduct set by the International Authority of Professional Coaching and Mentoring.

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